Jimmy Choo Handbags To The Stars

Choo is of Chinese descent and was born in 1961 in Penang, his family were shoemakers and he made his first pair at the young age of 11. He attended what is know the London College of Fashion which he completed in 1983.
He began is work in a worshop in East London and became a expert at design and craftsmanship, and was featured in the 1988 issue of Vogue magazine, were he got an eight page spread. He was regularly visited by the Princess of Wales, Diana which helped him tremendously.

Choo and Tarmara Mellon, who was an editor at Vogue UK, co-founded Jimmy Choo Ltd in 1996. Choo sold 50% of his company in 2001 for £10 million. Since the sale he is focused mainly on his exclusive Couture line, which is licensed under Jimmy Choo Ltd. You can see the Jimmy Choo ready-to-wear line by special appointment at Connaught Street. The line was expanded to include exclusive handbags, you can find many Famous Stars wearing some of the fabulous designs. Choo is a London resident and spends most of his time their inspiring young designers.

Tamara is still the creative inspiration behind many of the designs that are produced with the Jimmy Choo brand. The company has done very well with its partnership in 2001 with Equinox Luxury Holdings Ltd., Ceo of Equinox also became the Ceo of Jimmy Choo Ltd. and has opened 26 new stores and added many new products to the line.

In 2007 another major stake was Tower Brook Capital Partners who bought in and the company was valued at £185 million. This year also had a new CEO at the helm, Joshua Schulman joined Jimmy Choo and spent most of his career with renowned luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Richard Tyler, and international retail groups such as Gap Inc and Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis. His experience and passion has moved the company forward into a top brand for the stars.

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